How to STOP marketing a Property/Unit for Rent

Do you want to stop marketing/listing a property/unit for rent? Do you no longer want to accept applications for a property/unit? Follow the steps below:

Go to the marketing list view

This page shows a list of all units that are currently being marketed for rent

  • From the left navigation menu click on Properties, then select Marketing.

  • Search for the property that you want to stop marketing.
  • Click on the property and it will take you to the marketing details page.
  • Click on the Deactivate  button.  A pop up message will appear asking you to confirm.  Click Deactivate again.

  • After completing the steps above, the property will not be available on any of the feeds that it was being syndicated too.  Some sites require up to 72 hours to delist rental listings. 
  • In addition, the property will not be available to accept applications.  Once deactivated, the property will longer be visible on your Public Apply page.