How Does An Applicant Complete The ID Verification Section Within An Application?

Steps applicants will follow to complete the ID Verification section within an application.

The ID Verification will allow the applicant to take a picture of their Driver's License, Passport, Residency Card, etc. using their cell phone.  Then they will be asked to take a Live picture (Selfie) of their face using their cell phone to be verified. We utilize Plaid's integration for this through Rentvine's Application Platform. 

  • Applicants will need to begin the ID Verification by clicking on Green Icon, START VERIFICATION

  • Applicants need to read the information provided by Plaid and click on CONTINUE


  • Applicants will be asked to enter in their cell phone number for a Rentvine verification code to be sent. Click on SEND VERIFICATION CODE


  • Enter the Rentvine verification code sent to applicants cell phone and click on  CONTINUE


  • Applicants will use their cell phone to Scan The QR Code shown on their computer, or if applying from their mobile device they will need to click on Send Link To Phone.  Once scanned successfully, Applicants will follow steps on their cell phone


  • Scan was successful and now Applicants are prompted to look at their cell phone


  • View of what Applicants see on their cell phone. 
    • Applicants will be prompted to Take Pictures of Front and Back of Driver's License
    • Cell phone shows the system is Checking Documents and Finalizing Documents




  • Applicants will see on their computer the system is Checking Documents



  • Applicants are prompt to take a Live Picture on cell phone to complete the Selfie Check
    • Applicants will see system is Checking Selfie



  • Applicants will see computer is uploading information and Checking Selfie



  • Applicants will be notified the ID Verification is complete
  • Applicants will click CONTINUE to complete the remainder of the application