Work Order Enhancements 2-23-2023

Rentvine has recently launched a range of enhancements and features for the work order system. Below are some of the highlights of the new updates regarding work orders.

The work order lifecycle has been redesigned to cover the entire process, from its creation to the assignment of a vendor, and up to its completion. This includes notifications that are sent out during this lifecycle.  Below are some screenshots with explanations of what’s new


Resident Portal

Added optional alert and instructions on Create Service Request form

Property Manager Work Order View #1

New redesigned work order view that includes an Activity Tab.  The activity tab allows you to view and print all work order events in one place in chronological order.  Events include notes, email, chats, vendor assignment, user assignment, work order status, files added, photos added, etc...

Property Manager Work Order View #2

New redesigned work order view includes Issue and Resolution Photos

Vendor Portal - Vendor Completing a Work Order

When a vendor completes the work order from the vendor portal they now have a choice to attach resolution photos, attach an invoice or create an invoice.

Additional Enhancements

  • Manager By” field has been renamed to “Assignee


  • Only the assignee, vendor, tenant and any designated watchers of a work order will receive notifications regarding that specific work order. In the case that the work order has not been assigned to an assignee, the notifications will be sent to the user (recipients) or email specified in the "Unassigned Work Order Events" Notification configuration.  See the Work Order Notification Matrix for more information.

  • “Vendor Trade” has been renamed to “Maintenance Category”
  • Watchers - refer to users who have a vested interest in a work order and receive the same notifications as the assignee. If a user adds a note, edits a field, sends a chat, sends an email, they are automatically added as a watcher to the work order. Watchers can also be added manually.
  • New Vendor Statuses
    • Pending - Vendor has been assigned a work order and its pending vendor approval or rejection
    • Accepted - Vendor has agreed to start working on the work order
    • Rejected - Vendor has rejected the work order that was assigned.
    • Completed - Vendor has finished the work on the work order
  • Added ability to associate (link) an existing work order to a bill
  • Added ability to associate (link) an existing bill to a work order